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A blast from the past for a few here (infact I doubt more than a couple here would remember it), a source of inspiration perhaps for newer members.

This is but one page of the ongoing book I’m writing, but I’ve dragged it out of the depths because it will soon be very relevant to my army…  So I figured people might be interested.

I wrote this back in 2008/2009 I believe, the initial poem was based on some inspired writing by Revlid, so credit to him.

And so the Father of Darkness did call forth his
seven children, and all came forth, from far and
near.  And he bade them to aid his servants in
their task, and all but one did obey.

And Hanbeh did say “I care not for your servants, I
will not serve them”, and for his arrogance Hashut
bound him against his will, that his craftsmen might
use him to bind as he had been bound.

And each was represented as a rune of power that
his favoured servants might call upon them, for
each had inherited an aspect of his power.

Razheph who is the fiery rock, the undying flame.
Molach who is the dark lurker, the sudden fear.
Tashub who is the storm of shadow and ash, the
eternal darkness.  Astrogoth who is the unflinching
hatred, the eternal malice.  Pazazzu who is the
burning forge, maker and unmaker.  Baelath who is
the erupting ruin, the sundered earth and raging bull.
Hanbeh the unwilling one, the bound slave.

Book of Darknes, Chapter 297, Verse 2
Brotherhood of Hashut
Collectively all those devoting their lives to worship are part of the Brotherhood of Hashut, though theorising over the exact nature of Hashuts protection has split the Chaos Dwarfs into many different cults. It was when the Coven of Seven was first called together at the Great Feast of Hashut and their dark road was set before them that this division occurred.

Cult of the Bull
Baelath was a Sorcerer Lord of great standing when he was called to the Great Feast. Having trained for many years as an Immortal, it was late in life he turned to the path of the Brotherhood. His great strength, natural leadership, and roaring voice earning him much respect as he rose through the ranks to become a fearsome High Sorcerer. To him Hashut was represented as an immense bull, whose thundering steps would crush their enemies into the dust. The most powerful cult amongst the Brotherhood, this cult personifies Hashut as a gigantic flaming bull, whose ferocity protects them from the perils of Chaos. They look upon the image of the bull as highly important, and those so shaped as being the blessed children of Hashut. The Brothers of this cult tend to be the most aggressive on the battlefield, in an attempt to bring the rewards of their God.

Cult of Vengeance
Astrogoth is the founder and current leader of the Cult of Vengeance. He is ancient beyond reckoning, but the fires of vengeance burning within him are as strong as they ever were. Perhaps it was that Hashut recognised in him the spirit of a dark avenging angel, for the vision he received was to exact vengeance for all the wrongs done to the Dawi Zharr as a race. Brothers of this cult are amongst the most knowledgeable on all the ancient wrongs and blood grudges that have ever been recorded deep within the Vaults at Zharr Naggrund. On the battlefield they smite all enemies with the utmost hatred, roaring oaths, warcries and battle prayers as they exact their deadly vengeance.

Cult of Darkness
Tashub was an aloof and solitary High Sorcerer, dark in demeanour and often wearing robes of the purest black. After receiving his vision from Hashut, he retired to the deepest libraries for many decades. When he at last emerged from the depths, the brothers of the Cult of Darkness he had been guiding stood at his side. Brotherhood members of this cult view Hashut as the personification of darkness itself that will reign eternal when the world falls in shadow and flame. They prey to Hashut to unlock the secrets of dark magic to them, so that they may protect their race in the fall of the world. The Brothers of this cult spend much greater amounts of time studying ancient magical tomes than most other cults, and often have more sorcerers amongst their number as a result.

Cult of the Eternal Fire
Razheph was already well known as the most devout of Priests to Hashut when his calling came, and inspired by their founder the Brothers of this cult are often the most fanatical in their worship. Seeing the peril of their race, they believe it can only be saved if they undertake their duty to provide slaves to the burning pits of Hashut with zeal unmatched. Brothers of this cult will be those most often away from the safety of Zharr Naggrund fighting in slave raids.

Cult of Damnation
Molach was well known to be a fearful High Sorcerer, who knew more about the ancient prophesies of doom than any other Chaos Dwarf alive. When summoned to the Great Feast, the darkest fears he had long dwelled upon were shown to him by Hashut. Thus was founded the Cult of Damnation, its members forever to be known as prophets of doom who know far more about the dark prophesies of the future than any Chaos Dwarf should. The mournful dirge and strange rituals of this Cult have been known to bring low many a besieged town, occasionally whilst the Brothers have simply been engaging in prayer preparing themselves for the coming battle.

Cult of the Great Devourer
Pazazzu was one of the very rare High Sorcerers who had previously been trained as an Arcane Engineer. Brothers of this cult are usually found working in the Forges when they are not deep in prayer. They believe that anything and everything that can be consumed to save their race must be consumed, even if this at times appears self destructive. Their beliefs have set them at odds with many Dawi Zharr, who tend to jealously guard their possessions and only donate them for the greater good when pressed to do so.

Cult of Subjugation
For his insolence, Hanbeh was forever to be represented by the bound slave. The members of this cult are the most unusual of all the Brotherhood, for theirs is the seemingly impossible task given to them by Hashut; to force slaves to be ‘willing’ sacrifices. As a result, they are renowned as torturers of the greatest skills, and will often use magical trickery to achieve their goal. On the battlefield they are heard reciting liturgies to those enemies they have wounded, and carry many books and torturing tools with them to war.


How could I have missed this earlier? This is just the kind of stuff which Hashut worship needs in the background. CDs would be bland if they weren’t a little polytheistic. I also like how you got through that cult of order theme which seem odd for a race devoted to an aspect of Chaos.

The best thing is that these cults have implications for army lists. Perfect.

How about submitting this fluff piece to Hashut’s Blessing for the next Word of Hashut issue? It needs every article to reach the quota.


This is some of the best material on CD I’ve ever seen and that’s counting official releases aswell… I agree w. Admiral, this should be printed


Cheers guys.

I really enjoyed writing this. I’m currently building a unit of 40 brotherhood cult of the bull, with another 40 cult of darkness.

I did plan over the years to sculpt a sorcerer or priest from each cult. I’ve sort of done three now (including astragoth), but I have plans for another 2 somewhere.