[Archive] Brotherhood of Hashut


What do you think of this:

Brotherhood of Hashut …  Points/ model:  15

.                  M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Brother  3   5   3   4 4 1 2 1 9
Prophet  3   5   3   4 4 1 2 2 9
Unit Size:  10+

Equipment:  Halberd, Hand Weapon and Heavy Armour


o  Any unit may additionally have shields for +1 pt/ model

o  Upgrade one Brother to Musician for +6 pts.

o  Upgrade one Brother to Standard Bearer for +12 pts.

o  Promote one Brother to Prophet of Hashut for +12 pts.

o  Any Brotherhood of Hashut unit may be given a magical banner worth up to 50 pts.


Special Rules: Hashut’s Chosen, Stubborn.

Hashut’s Chosen:  

As reward for their arduous years of study and prayer, the mighty god Hashut delivers his favoured ones with the unholy strength to exact vengeance upon their enemies with their final blow.

If killed in Close Combat (unless by a Killing Blow), the model will make their base number of attacks again (at Strength 4) before being removed as a casualty.

I was also considering giving them Magic Resistance (1), but would that be too much?

Bear in mind as well that the Centaur Guard (Bull centaurs in all but name, at the moment), will also have this same rule!

Done like this I think they would be worth 330pts for a unit.