[Archive] BR's Non-Dawi Zharr

Border Reiver:

As some of yuo may know I have a number of armies - some even have army books!  In addition to the Chaos Dwarfs I play Dogs of War, Cult of Ulric, Dwarfs, Bretonnians and Kislev.  

Here are some of my latest for both Kislev and the Dwarfs:

Found a reasonably priced Tzar and decided to try NMM - be gentle, it was my first time…

And the least successful slayer of 2006

The next project - a unit of Kossars - I want to eventually make this a horde of 50…

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Both looks really good. specially like the Kisliviet, but that´s because I always wanted one for myself :wink:


Great looking Tzar Boris, i have always loved that model so glad that i have one of my own :slight_smile:


While looking through Border Reiver’s Photobucket album for Chaos Dwarf pictures, I came upon a number of off-topic miniatures which intrigued me. Made an exception and saved much of it. Most of this will probably not have been seen here earlier. See first post.