[Archive] Brush Slave #10 - voting for November challenge theme


Still 14 days left for BS #9 - but it’s also time to start thinking about what you want to do in November.

Like last, I’ve picked 5 themes to choose from. 4 of them are runner-ups from last - 5th is picked by me.

But please don’t hesitate adding your suggestions here: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=9549

The 5 themes to choose from are:

#1 Title: "Citius, Altius, Fortius"

Challenge: Paint something to represent the essence of sports - Faster, Higher, Stronger. Anything from an ancient Greek throwing a spear to fanatic fantasy football. From a Scotsman playing golf to The Running Man

#2 Title: "What movie?"

Challenge: Give us a famous movie quote - and painted a miniature to go with it (a character, a scene etc.) - and perhaps photoshop the quote into the picture if you like. Feel free to use any style of miniatures you want.

#3 Title: "Rank and file"

Challenge: Paint one or several rank and file miniatures.

#4 Title:"This is how I would do it"

Chalenge: (Re)Paint a miniature that is from a colored/pre-painted “toy” line (could be Heroclix, Wizard’s of the Coast, Rackham’s At-43 or another plastic toy soldier maybe even a Kinder Surprise toy). Here we would ask for a before and after pic to show what you did.

#5 Title: "Movember"

Yeah, it’s thats time of year, so why not?

Challenge: Paint a miniature with a significant beard or maybe even a Walrus moustache

Voting will run for 14 days and end on the 31th October 2011.

And don’t worry if you favorite theme doesn’t make it. Any theme that doesn’t win the poll will automatically be carried over to the next month, as long as it receives at least 1 vote. Will remover the “Movember” theme no matter how this poll ends :wink:


Movember is tempting, but then again, sport!


I’m eager to start on my #4 entry (:

(But #2 would be fun to)


I am torn between #4 and #5. I will need to sleep on it. I choose to postpone my vote till a later time.


I’d like to have joined earlier brush slaves, but without a decent camera and with little time to spare, I probably won’t have the chance this time either. It’ll anyway be interesting to see all the entries. :slight_smile:

braid beard:

its 4 for me cuz even tho im a CD collecter, i dont have many big beards



I got a touch tired of waiting for sport to arraive and I thought my most frequented forum needed a touch of spice so I started ‘the golden football’ open painting contest on talk fantasy football.

So if anyone does want to paint a sport mini the november poll is up, currently looks like secret weapons are going to win!=

'The golden football' open painting challenge! - Talk Fantasy Football

You need to sign up to view the forum but its worth it for more painting madness :smiley:

That said roll on movember! I have some squats and a rackham dwarf I can’t wait to paint!


Still 5 days left for voting!

Ohh! - and if its a tie between #5 Movember and any other theme - the “Movember” it is :wink: