[Archive] Brush Slave #3: Ale!


Since I’ve been honoured in winning Brush Slave #2, I’ve been given the task of setting a theme for #3. After much deliberation and thinking about many weird and clever ideas just to drive peeps insane, or perhaps to ecstasy in excitement, I decided to keep it simple:


Any model(s) you want, except it needs to have some ale with it, on it, being drunk by it, made by it, spilling it, etc. You get the idea. So long as there is something to do with Ale in the entry and its topical, its all good.

As far as the comp is concerned, “ale” is any brewed or fermented intoxicating drink: ale, beer, fungus brew, imperial amasec, etc. It is not magic potions, combat drugs (or other kinds), cigarettes and so on.

Since many members are “dwarf fetishes” this shouldn’t be too hard, but if the entries for the last comps are any clue, several will use this as a springboard for awesomeness.

I believe the deadline for Brushslave #3: Ale, is the end of day, Sunday March 27th 2011, which should allow peeps to enter that other model competition that’s sometimes held around here.

Rules/FAQs can be found here: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showth...p?tid=8430

I believe the rules have been amended slightly since the last comp, so you may want to reread them.

Good luck to all!!!

:cheers, wassail, skol, ves heill, nostrovia, down the hatch, etc…


Oh god thank you!

I have an awesome idea!! :smiley:


lol… nice… hmmm… gotta dig around…

Blue in VT:


Excellent idea GRNDL this one should be fun!

:hat off



oooh… A couple of items on my shopping list fit this. I’ll just have to buy them first…


Got a couple of models lying around which I could use for this comp :smiley:


Excellent choice i have the perfect model for this :smiley: , i just have to find it all my packed up models after my move :frowning:


Great idea :cheers Skål

And yes, a slightly change about photos. Try to keep it to one picture. If you need to show close up’s different angles or such. Do a picture mosaic/collage thing, please. If more than one is entered I’ll pick what I see fit.

And please think about picture size. Som might view this from a 10’1 Netbook. I wont make a rule regulating sizes - but please think about.

And dont forget - it’s pretty easy to scale you picture just using the img-tag itself.

Like this picture:

This is 125x137 - originally

Now we re-scale it by 50%:


oooh clam , that’s a neat trick… didn’t know about that one!


You can also use the imgt-tag

Looks like this - and no, this is not my entry :wink:



Not quite sure how exactly the thumbnail-tag works size wise, though - but another great feature is, that it gives you a hyper link to the original.

Golder Goldeater:

Oh great! It matches my entry for Bugman’s Brewery Contest!
Let’s get painting!

Here is mine!

Hope you like him! Cheers! :drinks:


Excellent work, Golder Goldeater - like the kind of 'beer mächen"-look to this girl (cause female dwarfs do grow beards, right - that’s what Tolkien told me, at least)

- and yes, now that GH is over it time to start thinking about this on.

My own entry is converted (slightly), primed and ready for painting. Almost done, right?


Painting in progress here. Unfortunately, also sidetracked by another project.


Got an idea… need to find the parts in the monster of a bitz box.


Awesome, and - again - looking very much forward seeing what the brush slaves is up for :slight_smile: Will go get a beer and get in the mood for this :smiley:


BEER! :hat off

(or in my case Cider!)


Great, got a model now to convert, conversion well on the go.

So HOPEFULLY i’ll get a picture in soon!


And here is my entry (a unit filler I’d guess but I like him) - I was going to do a keg stand, but couldn’t get the base to make sense and look any good, so GULP!!!

Blue in VT:

:o:o that is AWESOME!!!



Cutting the beard off the drawf crewman took far FAR to long! :smiley:

and I hadn’t noticed that they are all just out of focus. Might take some better shots :frowning: