[Archive] Brush Slave #8 - A face only a mother could love, September Painting Challenge


Voting for September month’s theme has now ended and the most popular theme was:

"A face only a mother could love"


Find the ugliest model you have, whether it is actually an unly beast/creature, or whether it simply badly sculpt, cast, broken, or simply just unloved. Paint it up and make it “feel loved” again.

So anything from a Shelob to The Great Unclean One, from Nagash to Wargames Factory (sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - couldn’t help it cause did you guys see the new Heavy weapons teams? :sick) - like always, it’s totally up to you :slight_smile:

Deadline will be end of September 2011 (your time zone)

1 Challenge point will be awarded for completing this challenge.

More info is found in the BS FAQ (and post #43 will explains the new format/challenge points in details)

The 4 other themes that was voted for will now go into the next one. I’ll try and pick one more theme from the suggestion thread (found here: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=9549) - but I would really, really appreciate if you would stop by and make some suggestions, please :rolleyes:

No one earned the Bonus point for making the innocent/unsuspecting “you” in August - but there is still a chance getting an addtional bonus point if your are lucky enough. I’ve set up a poll and asked people to pick the most scary one - check out the thread here: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=9737

The scoreboard as it stands:

Abecedar (2)*

Bassman (1)

Blue in VT (2)*

Bolg (1)*

Borador (1)*

Clam (3)* **

Golder Goldeater (1)

G.2 (2)*

Hazkar (1)*

Inkpwn (1)*

Loki (1)

Tribun (1)*

Zanko (1)

=finished the August Challenge

**=Bonus for meeting the August challenge, best (voting)

And then all there is left to say is thanks to all that took part in BS #7 - hope seeing you all back soon :slight_smile:


Thanks Clam, for posting the topic so quickly. I might be able to get an early start on this one.

I am looking forward to this one. I have a couple of possible contenders for this painting session.

No one earned the Bonus point for making the innocent/unsuspecting “you” in August

I really wanted to paint the “me” figure, but I ran out of time, I was lucky to just get an entry in.


Can’t be any different after we change the fomat, can it?

And looking forward seing what you’ve found for us :slight_smile:


Nice theme, the hunt for my ugliest mini is starting soon (:

braid beard:

hi im new to brush slave comp.

do i need to sign up? or do i just post my pic on the deadline?

thx, Braid

:hat:hat off:D:hat off:hat


Post a (compilation) picture befir the deadline ;D

braid beard:

Post a (compilation) picture befir the deadline ;D

thanks ;D

braid beard:

umm just a question, am i able to sculpt something ugly? cuz im gettin 36 inches of GS sometime between this coming wednesday and next wednesday. (australian est time)


Less than 14 days left - so what have people decided on doing?

Looking forward start seeing :)’’

@braid beard

Welcome aboard and feel free to join in. Just a bit of fun, so no need for signing up or anything. Just post what you have been doing whether it’s a manufactured miniature or you own sculpt - just make sure it’s “Ugly”.


Thanks for the reminder Clam. I am just about to base mine. I can post pictures, but I think I will wait unti he (or she) is completely based and then I can take some proper photographs.


thanx for the reminder… Still not sure what to paint. this one is difficult to pick.


Well, that’s what I’m here for. Already painted a miniature I could use for this one here (but might do another one instead), so why not just go nagging you guys :wink:


Here is my ugly face. Don’t be fooled by his outfit, he truely is ugly - honest.


Cant find an ugly miniature /cryface

Blue in VT:

Lovely figure G2…one of my all time favorites!!!  well done.




I have to many ugly miniatures lying around. I chose this one (I think it came from a happy meal) as it was originally painted terrible with awefull mold lines.

Original model with a bit of greenstuff to cover the moldlines.

[edit]big pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/57736712@N05/6164178695/in/photostream/[/edit]


That looks great. He looks like something out of “Monsters Inc”. The eyeball looks awesome.


Lol - thats a good one Bolg - not pretty guy but certainly well painted - especially the eye ball. Any tips? Cause if I can finish mine it will have 9 eyeballs to paint :wink:

Now I find the theme #5 (in October’s voting) even more interesting :smiley:

Pink :o - the miniature don’t qualify for this - as (like Blue said) it’s one of the bests Ogres out there - but you certainly “ruined” that with you choice of colours :sick - in a “you complete the challenge extremely well” - kind of way

Blue in VT:

I love that Bolg…made me laugh out loud!



Thanx guys (:

@Clam the eyeball is whit shaded with chestnut inc (but any dark brown will do, and then blended back to white on the higher area’s the pupil is some blue shades with black paint and blue wash, drybrushed and than tiny lines by hand with a small brush.

@G2 Its Panic from the Disney movie Hercules.

I know the model now is quite cool, but is was a badly cast plastic toy so I thought it applied to the rules. But I love repainting (Kinder Surpirse) toys. So thats why I suggested something along those lines in the Next Brush Slave Theme Thread (: