[Archive] Brush Slave League Season 2, Round 1 - Kick off


Welcome to the Brush Slave League, Season 2 @CDO

For season two, we’ll keep the same format as previously, but there has been some small rule-tweaks made. You’ll find the updated rules here.

Please make sure you are comfortable with the rules before joining.

So, what shall you do then?

Well, that�?Ts quite simple really! All it takes is that you now start painting your first team (consisting of 3+ newly painted themed “humanoid” gaming miniatures).

When you’re done put some effort into making a presentation of your team and PM me (clam) your pictures + a team name/title

- or attach them to an email and sent it at: brushslaveleague (at) gmail dot com . Keep your entry close - and please check the rules for any other restrictions like - picture sizes, basing, paintings etc.

And all of this, before: November 30th 2012, 11:59 pm (GMT)

- and it will be your official starter team for BSL, Season 2.

There is no official signing up procedure, but feel free to post here if you are in on this (as it would really help me a lot in the match up preparations)- but it’s not “a rule"

Teams from BSL 2012 (1st season) can�?Tt be re-entered for season 2, so participants from BSL 2012 ain�?Tt automatically participants for this new season.

All coaches that wants to join will have to present a newly painted first team (but do remember that we have a rolling signing up procedure �?” so if you can�?Tt do a team this month, you can then enter in coming rounds. You’ll have the disadvantage of a late start, but as this is about getting stuff painted … who cares?).

What happens from there is up to you, but I’ll encourge you to paint more. After all, this is about reducing the lead pile - and we love see newly painted miniatures.

I won�?Tt destrict or punish you for not doing more than your first team, but if you come to this knowing that you really don�?Tt have the time for it, BSL is probably not for you. One thing 1st season has learnt us all was, that people what to see new stuff.

Last, but certainly not least huge thanks to G.2 for yet again creating such a super cool banner for us :cheers

Small versions will be made available for adding to your signature, should you like too :slight_smile:

List of coaches for Season 2: (Entry received)

  • Lord Aldades

  • Ryanamandaanna

  • DAGabriel

  • Borador

  • Jaeckel

  • Bolg

  • Larendard

  • Zanko

  • Frostbit3

  • warh

  • Furrie

  • clam

  • Thorne

  • bas_2312


I’m in. :cheers

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I’ll probably manage to complete a team.

Blue in VT:

Yay! let the good times roll!



Thanks, Guys and will be looking forward to see your new teams :slight_smile:


Yeah, and one of my dwarfs made it to the banner! Sweet!


I thought I would get a break… oh well :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought I would get a break.. oh well :P

Don`t you dare, love your minis and it is good to have such productive people in.


Haha, thanks.

I think I have a plan of what i’m going to paint this season.

Lord Aldades:

Another great banner there

My first round entry is actually done since today, just need to picture and mail it.


I thought I would get a break.. oh well :P

I know, I know - but as said a few times it's best for me if it ran during Autumn/winter rather than spring/summer - so we better get started - as it's getting real dark up here in the cold North :D

@Lord Aldades
Holy ... Now that's fast. Looking forward seeing.

Lord Aldades:

Bwah, I always prefer if I can to have a one month advance, I hate missing out due to real life or such as almost happened with the LPL this year and me being in the hospital back then


I like your attitude, Lord A :wink:

And the G.2 have also made some small signature banners. Feel free to use them by adding this little piece of code to your CDO-signature (using the signature editor found in your User CP) - or in other forums etc.

Just the image:

Image + link to the Brush Slave Sub-forum:

Just the image:
Image + link to the Brush Slave Sub-forum:

Just the image:
Image + link to the Brush Slave Sub-forum:


Welcome to the Brush Slave League, Season 2 @CDO....

...., before: November 30th 2012, 11:59 pm (GMT)

This is what I need to get out of my painting "slump". I really need/want to get back into painting minis.
Last, but certainly not least huge thanks to G.2 for yet again creating such a super cool banner for us :cheers

You are more than welcome. You definately put on a good painting comp/league Clam, so it is MY pleasure to help out.

I look forward to seeing all the awesome entries.


I will be painting again as well! Thanks to Clam and G.2. for all they have done to keep our league operational and allowing us the opportunity to keep the painting going!



So I need to be done and painted by November 30th 2012, 11:59 pm ? gulp


Glad to see that many of you up for a second season.


Yes, it’s really that simple to be part of this :stuck_out_tongue:


Started on my minis!


I’ve started as well. 1 figure is already nearing completion.


Well I’ve just armoured, based and sanded 8 new guys - and will go prime them now, so I’ve also got started :slight_smile: