[Archive] Brush Slave League Season 2, Round 2 - Announcement



Yeah it’s that time again, so I’d like to welcome you all to the second round of our Brush Slave League, Season 2 @CDO.

We are now well ahead with the new season and it’s time to look forward again.

So, it’s time to get tactical and earn some of those sweet “bonus points” for entering a NEW TEAM :slight_smile: And its also a unique chance for reducing that lead pile of yours :slight_smile:

Deadline for entering a new team is:

Saturday the 5th January 2013, 11:59 pm GMT

(Yes, the date is right, after all it’s Christmas/New Year (for most of us), and to be frank … I’m not setting this up January 1st :smiley: -and ending the rounds on the first weekend of the month might be something I’ll continue on doing - but pay attention to the round announcement for further details)

For those of you who enters a new team please make sure that your entry includes:

- A name :slight_smile:


- a direct link to your pictures with the use of direct URL (without preview or size restrictions). IMGs are great for presentations, but direct URLs are so much better :smiley:

If emailed, please use attachements, not any fancy email sharing feature from your hosting site, please.

Do you want to be a part of this?
Well, if you want to join it’s quite simple. All it takes is that you start painting your first team (i.e. paint at least 3 themed humanoid gaming miniatures).

When you’re done put some effort into making a presentation of your team and then take a look at the rules for: “how to enter”.

You’ll have the disadvantage of a late start of course, but as it’s actually just about getting stuff painted, who cares?

Oh! and keep your entry close - as we like surprises:) - and don’t forget to [http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=12187]check all the rules for any other restrictions etc (don’t be scared, they are really quite simple).

List of coaches, with a new teams for our second round (and who qualifies for the new team bonus):

  • ryanamandaanna
  • DAGabriel
  • Larendard
  • Zanko
  • Lord Aldades
  • Jaeckel
  • Warh
  • Bolg
  • frostbit3
  • Borador
  • Bas_2312
  • clam

New participants/coaches, with a starter team:


    Just submitted mine in an effort to avoid the holiday insanity. :cheers

    Merry Christmas, everyone! :smiley:


    Got it,

    And a merry Christmas to you, too :smiley:

    And for the rest of you …! “Keep on painting” … the holiday season haven’t started yet :stuck_out_tongue:


    Finished my entry yesterday - just need to make some nice pics! :smiley:



    Good boy, and the rest of you …? :slight_smile:


    Doing some finishing touch before doing the bases, so they will be done before the weekend and then I’ll be able to take some pics in the weekend/during xmas


    Think I will be done this weekend, too. Still not sure which of two teams to send, will have to wait for the pics.

    Blue in VT:

    I just have to do some basing on mine. Radical change of subject with this entry for me.



    Good to hear, guy!

    Rogue Trader, Blue?? - or have you finally found time to paint those LAM Frogmen?? :smiley:


    Apparently, the Mayans were wrong so for those that have waited to see what happend (or just been lazy like me) you still have 14 days left to finish and enter a new team for round two.

    Season’s Greetings, with best wishes for a happy New Year!

    See you all back on the 5th of January :slight_smile:


    More Nurgle from me this time - i hope my email has reached you Clam :slight_smile:


    Dwarfs again for me and pictures sent.


    More Nurgle from me this time - i hope my email has reached you Clam :-)

    Yes, I got it - also got entries from Zanko, Lord Aldades and from you, Jaeckel - and thanks :)

    And sorry for the absent - but birthday season .... both sons ... one on the 29th and one today, but then it's another 11 months off :)


    Picture send.

    I’ll promise, next month i’ll paint something more serious d:


    Just finished painting, I remembered today that the deadline was due tomorrow. Will take some shots tomorrow!


    Picture sent!

    This message was automatically appended because it was too short.


    Just a few hours left …!

    I’ve just uploaded my own entry and that makes it 12 new spectacular teams (or should probably say 11 plus my own ;)). List is updated, check that your name is there (should you have entered).

    Hope to have the match up done tomorrow afternoon., but please bear with me if I don’t get time. Wife is at work, so I’m alone with the two terrorists :smiley:


    Polls are done. Runs for 7 days. Ends on the 13th around 02:00 pm GMT.

    Now, go vote for you favourite:

    In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit vs. The Party Crashers vs. Mangel dà trois

    Shameless Promotion vs. The Ancestor-Warriors

    Black Orcs Team I vs. Lords and Minions

    Rommel’s Ground Pounders vs. Turn A Gundam

    Team Jacob vs. Ready, aim, CHOP!!!

    Swivel gun & Ulfo Bloodmask vs. Angry Axis Adversaries

    The Jolly Wood Choppers vs. Where’s the lava?