[Archive] Brush Slave League Season 2, Round 4 - Movie Maker


BSL 2 - ROUND 4 - "Movie Maker"

As the title indicates Round 4 is a themed one (first, in this season) and there will be additional themed bonus points to gain.

The theme for this round will be to create a team/scene from a famous movie.

Now this is slightly tricky because one person�?Ts definition of a famous movie may not be the same as the next person�?Ts.

So to be clear, by �?~a famous movie�?T, I mean a film/tv-series which a majority of CDO’s would have seen, heard of, or come across. So I ask you just to play by the spirit of this one, please.

I’m pretty sure that everyone understands what is intended by this theme, so don’t really think we’ll get any problems. Just remember this isn’t a quiz game, so there is no rewards for making it “hard to guess” :wink:

- and feel free to help your team along by using a “proper” team name, scenery and maybe even small piece of text (read the general rules for further details).

Painting a new 3 “mans” themed team will earn you 3 themed bonus points, so 6 points in total for this one, gentlemen.

Deadline for entering a new team is:

Saturday the 2nd March 2013, 11:59 pm GMT

For those of you who enters a new team please make sure that your entry includes:

- A name :slight_smile:


- a direct link to your pictures with the use of direct URL (without preview or size restrictions). IMGs are great for presentations, but direct URLs are so much better :smiley:

And For those that enters a themed team please include the name of the movie it supposed reprecenting, too.

If emailed, please use attachments, not any fancy email sharing feature from your hosting site, please.

Do you want to be a part of this?
Well, if you want to join it’s quite simple. All it takes is that you start painting your first team (i.e. paint at least 3 themed humanoid gaming miniatures).

When you’re done put some effort into making a presentation of your team and then take a look at the rules for: “how to enter”.

You’ll have the disadvantage of a late start of course, but as it’s actually just about getting stuff painted, who cares?

Oh! and keep your entry close - as we like surprises:) - and don’t forget to check all the rules for any other restrictions etc (don’t be scared, they are really quite simple).

List of coaches, with a new teams for our 4th round (and who qualifies for the new team bonus). Coaches written “in bold” also qualifies for the themed bonus:

  • ryanamandaanna
  • DAGabriel
  • Jaeckel
  • Bolg
  • clam
  • furrie
  • bas_2312

New participants/coaches, with a starter team:


    Oh, that is a nice one, thank you! Got an idea, got most of what I need, will start this weekend!


    I should probably take a look in my movie collection for a a cool idea. The easiest way is probably buying a lord of the rings models


    hmmm… gotta think about this one…


    Oeeh such a cool theme!!

    Models plenty that represent famous characters, and ideas for sculpts or conversions I have more that enough as well…

    Only thing that can be tricky is the 3 model limit, if you do the A-Team you just do one extra guy no problem… But the first name ever in my head will always be Bruce Campbell, but he is kinda a one man team. So enough food for thought (:

    Thanx Clam this theme is awesome!


    Bruce Campbell + Evil Ash + some Deadites?

    I love this theme… just have to figure out which one of my 500 ideas I’m going to use ;p


    Just ebayed the missing dwarf I need, now to the green stuff!


    Well guys you are supposed to be creative and dig out something from the pile of yours.


    aaaargh! it’s going to be difficult to place dwarfs this month :sad (maybe the dwarfs with SnowWhite? or som dwarfs in the background of “The Hobbit”?)


    Already being creative, I see - now that’s a good thing.

    And let me clarify, now one say you can’t create the “theme” feeling by using terrain/terrain pieces or other items. I’m not demanding the use of exact “movie miniatures” or other “not-xx” look-a-likes - that will be up to you.


    Hi clam, want to do a diorama out of this with magnetized minis, so I can use them in a unit, too. Would that be ok?


    Can’t see any problems with that. We don’t really have any basing restrictions other than to keep them appropriate gaming pieces.

    Use of scenery is allowed too so a diorama should be okay too.


    I’ve started on my project. It will be a iconic movie… but with a twist (and not a Bunbun twist(for now)).

    Clam: Thanx a lot, I picked up my sculpting tools again and loving it! and its all thanx to this Brush Slave!


    … still have no idea yet! :frowning:

    I’m waiting for an inspiration!



    Would you like this?


    Would you like this?

    Thats so Disney, I prefer this version (:


    Clam: Thanx a lot, I picked up my sculpting tools again and loving it! and its all thanx to this Brush Slave!

    My pleasure :)
    ... still have no idea yet! :(

    I'm waiting for an inspiration!


    See that's why it's a challenge - and there will be a special reward for completing it :)

    But please remember that if you don't want to/can follow "my theme" it's still fully acceptable following your own, and there would still be 3 points for doing so (new team bonus).


    Finished all components for the diorama, now I have to put them together and do the details.


    Sounds good, DAGabriel.

    I think I’ve narrowed it down to two possible entries. Still not decided which one to do yet.

    13 days left to decide :slight_smile:

    And for the rest of you … finish the coke and eat the rest of your pop corns - and start working. No more time left to find “inspiration” :smiley:


    I’ve settled on mine and I’m making some good progress… :smiley: