[Archive] Brush Slave League Season 2, Round 5 - Announcement - time for voting



We are now mid way through the season and it’s closing in the top 5 teams. So, if you aim for placing first half or maybe even top 3 or taking the trophy you should probably consider doing another replacement team for Round 5.

And for the rest of us it’s another great opportunity for getting some more old lead painted.

Here’s the details:

Deadline for entering a team is:

Saturday the 6th April 2013, 11:59 pm GMT

For those of you who enters a new team please make sure that your entry includes:

- A name :slight_smile:


- a direct link to your pictures with the use of direct URL (without preview or size restrictions). IMGs are great for presentations, but direct URLs are so much better :smiley:

If emailed, please use attachments, not any fancy email sharing feature from your hosting site, please.

Do you want to be a part of this?

Well, if you want to join it’s quite simple. All it takes is that you start painting your first team (i.e. paint at least 3 themed humanoid gaming miniatures).

When you’re done put some effort into making a presentation of your team and then take a look at the rules for: “how to enter”.

You’ll have the disadvantage of a late start of course, but as it’s actually just about getting stuff painted, who cares?

Oh! and keep your entry close - as we like surprises:) - and don’t forget to check all the rules for any other restrictions etc (don’t be scared, they are really quite simple).

List of coaches, with a new teams for our 5rd round (and who qualifies for the new team bonus):

  • DAGabriel

  • Bolg

  • Zanko

  • Borador

  • Jaeckel

  • furrie

  • Larendard

  • bas_2312

New participants/coaches, with a starter team:


    Hope to finish them this weekend, will be on holiday so don`t know if I manage anything in the second half of the month.


    Missed two rounds, hope i’ll make it this round.


    I have started work on my entry early for once, so I think I’ll make it this month


    @ Borador: Go for it, this month I will be into 3rd ed. again! Perhaps we will meet!


    I sure do hope so. (note to self; time to up my game!)


    Only have to do the pics!


    Wow, that was fast :slight_smile: well done, DAGabriel :hat off


    My entry’s almost finished too! No stressing this month :slight_smile:


    Almost done with a posible team.


    The minis are finished yet - only need to make pics! :smiley:



    Sent my pics.

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    Got them, thanks :hat off


    Team send (:

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    Thanks :slight_smile:

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    Forgot to mention … the team is ready and the pic is sent! :cheers



    I’m done, just got to take some pictures!


    Just one quick question, when you have someting like a chariot do you count the number of crew members for your team or does the whole chariot count as one


    The number of humanoid miniatures is what matters here - so “crew” - just like any other war machine.

    Blue in VT:

    I’m not sure I’m going to make this one…we’ll see how next week goes…:frowning: