[Archive] Brush Slave League Season 2, Round 7 - Voting



We are near the end on final round before our last themed round 8, so this is the last round where you can do what ever you want … “cost free”.

Here’s the details:

Deadline for entering a team is:

Saturday the 8th June 2013, 11:59 pm GMT

For those of you who enters a new team please make sure that your entry includes:

- A name :slight_smile:


- a direct link to your pictures with the use of direct URL (without preview or size restrictions). IMGs are great for presentations, but direct URLs are so much better :smiley:

If emailed, please use attachments, not any fancy email sharing feature from your hosting site, please.

Do you want to be a part of this?

Well, if you want to join it’s quite simple. All it takes is that you start painting your first team (i.e. paint at least 3 themed humanoid gaming miniatures).

When you’re done put some effort into making a presentation of your team and then take a look at the rules for: “how to enter”.

You’ll have the disadvantage of a late start of course, but as it’s actually just about getting stuff painted, who cares?

Oh! and keep your entry close - as we like surprises:) - and don’t forget to check all the rules for any other restrictions etc (don’t be scared, they are really quite simple).

List of coaches, with a new teams for our 5rd round (and who qualifies for the new team bonus):

  • larendard

  • Bolg

New participants/coaches, with a starter team:


    That was quick work again, thanks clam!

    Some great new entries, will have a nice time trying to decide where my vote will go!


    Thanks, DAGs - but really haven’t done much for round 7 yet :wink:


    For unknown reasons I have completely forgot all about being in Algarve, Portugal the first week of June. So really no reason for having a deadline the 1st of June, when polls won’t go up till 9th. So, deadline will be Saturday 8th June 2013 at 11:59 pm


    That is really cool for me, atm I have so much RL that painting time is hard to come by (and motivation, too).


    Entry sent today - do i get the “early bird” bonus? :smiley:


    Maybe something to consider should we do another season :slight_smile:


    Or a bonus for being closest to the deadline?


    8 days left gentlemen. Will check in on you and see how it all goes.

    See ya’


    You can check mine, just sent it!


    Sorry guys but I couln’t manage to paint anything!

    Despite a really hard time in my job, I also have to renovate two rooms of our domicile!

    So  in the last 2 or 3 weeks I didn’t paint anything - I’m afraid it will need some time till I have a little spare time … :mad



    If all went well, my picture should be in


    I’m on holiday without Wi-Fi access, so don’t have “time” for mail etc. will look into it on Saturday/Sunday when I’m back.


    No worries, have fun mate!


    Picture sent by email. And now, finding an idea for cavalry :frowning:


    just sent in my team


    Just send in my entry. I was hard because I have a big case of the post-tournament painting blues.

    Blue in VT:

    I was really close…but then I fell down the steps broke my ankle in three places this morning…while I may have more

    Painting time due to Injury in the coming weeks it certainly didn’t help with getting this team down…:frowning:

    …oh well…I’m off (hobbling) to find some more cav to paint too!




    Oh…tough break Blue (sorry bad pun!) get well soon mate!


    So I’m back and will try get things sorted out tonight.

    Looks like the following has entered new teams while I’ve been away:

    DAGabriel, Borador, Bas_2312, Jaeckel, Lord Aldades and furrie

    Making 9 new teams in total :hat off


    Sorry to hear about your accident. Hopefully you’ll have a swift recovery - and should you like something new to paint …! :smiley: