[Archive] BSL 2012/13 (second season) - Prizes (Painted version)


Back, when we discussed the rules for the 2nd season I hinted out something regarding prizes - and the possibility of having a “BSL Limited Edition miniature” made.

This idea has now been turned into reality.

The last few days John Pickford has been working on my Ewal Dvergar Upgrades - but he has also had time looking at my BSL request

It’s now close to finish, so I’d like to present “the BSL-artisan”:

So, if all now goes to plan the prize program looks like this:

Winner of the 2012/13 (second) season will get a golden trophy made from this miniature. Winner will also get a bare metal piece to paint, of course.

2nd and 3th will also get a bare metal cast of the BSL only miniature.

I have been wanting this from the very beginning and am very happy to see it this close to reality. Hopefully, you are as pleased, as I am.


It looks awsome, great prize

Da Crusha:

wow, Bravo! great mini and great idea!


Excellent! I hope it will encourage new painters to join the 2013 BSL.


Thanks guys. Glad you liked it. And just so its clear to all. This is the prize for the current running season, too - so change the name to 2012/13 season aka second season.


that is an awesome prize/mini


Aw damn, that mini is stunning…! Now I wish I had taken this more serious… But there is still a chance (:


There will always be next season :slight_smile:

- should we have enough support, of course :wink:


Wow, that is an incredibly nice miniature. Great idea and an amazing gesture Clam. Very memorable! Makes me wish I could commit to the league.

Blue in VT:

That is fantastic! What a clever idea and good reuse of one of your Dvergar Dollies.

…so for those of use that may not win or place…will we be able to get ahold of one elsewhere?




Very cool. Wish I was in the running for the top three, but now I really must try and win ;p


That’s the spirit, bas_2312

@Blue - it will not be available for general purchase, if that’s what you were asking. If it could be available to other BSL participants … .? Will think about that. But won’t have people signing up for the wrong reasons, you see - and what if there is a season 3? Then all would have the prize already in hand. Will force me to do another one … :slight_smile: Wife won’t be happy to hear that :wink:


Greetings from Paris to all the Brush Slaves!
My first chance to get into the Internet and it is the last but one day of my holidays.
Have to say that clam has come up with a fabulous surprise there. Will have to work much harder than before on my entries.
On the one hand it is really a cool idea to keep it as prize only, on the other hand it is a much too nice mini not to make it available to more fans!hih

BTW: think I have seen the original one here at Montmartre???


Hopefully you have had an enjoyable holiday, DAGs.

I think I’ll keep it as a prize for now. It will only be mastered, so will only have a handful or two for now. Should we kill the BSL after this season I’ll probably find a way to let participants get themselves a copy. Should we decide doing another season, well you know what you can expect :slight_smile:


Very cool, great idea to get this made Clam, you rock!


Brilliant mini! Kudos clam! :hat off

It’s a more than worthy price for the comming winner! :cheers

Wish I was more talented in painting! :~



Nothing new, just to let you know that I’ve just received The BSL Mad Painter - and now did a few more pictures of him - though its hard to give it the credit it deserves - it looks even better RL :wink:

Blue in VT:

its the tentacles for hair that makes it for me…I hope i can get my hands on a copy…looks like a blast to paint!




Event though I hope to win one, I probably can’t do him justice with my painting skills


Very nice!

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