[Archive] BSL 2013/14 - Kick off (Round 1)


  • and it’s a … 'Kick off’

    Brush Slave League, Season 2013/14 @CDO is now officially open.

    For the 2013/14 season a few important changes has been made. Changes are as followed:

    • No team size restrictions, this time it can now be anything from a solo team - to … yes, a 1000 men :slight_smile:
    • Only new teams will be match up in each round. No automatic carrying over teams for coming. Rounds. This will probably mean fewer but hopefully more interesting matches.
    • Match up will be on a “first entered/first matched”-base - meaning that should we have an un-even number of participants in a round �?" last one entered won�?Tt take part, but will - of course - be first entry for any upcoming rounds. That said, I’ll put my own entries in reserve to minimize the risk (should I have one, that is).
    • Point system will change too. We’ll introduce a 10 point system for match results - based on percentages - so there will be 10-0(+95%), 8-2(+80%), 6-4 or 5-5(+55%) - results.

    You’ll find the updated rules here. Please make sure you are comfortable with the rules before joining.

    So, what shall you do then?

    Well, that�?Ts quite simple really! All it takes is that you now start painting your first team.

    When you’re done put some effort into making a presentation of your team and PM me (clam) your pictures + a team name/title

    - or attach them to an email and sent it at: brushslaveleague (at) gmail dot com . Keep your entry close - and please check the rules for any other restrictions (picture sizes, basing, paintings etc.).

    All coaches that wants to join will have to present a newly painted, before: November 2nd 2013, 11:59 pm (GMT)

    There is no official signing up procedure, but feel free to post here if you are in on this (as it would really help me a lot in the match up preparations)- but it’s not "a rule"

    I you think this is something for you but cant make it til 2nd November you are very welcome to enter any up-comming round. You’ll have the disadvantage of a late start, but as this is all about getting ‘lead’ painted - nothing else … so who cares?

    - and before leaving you all to start painting you might have seen the lack of a prober banner here…! - now where did G2 go? Anyone else that would fancy giving it a go this year??

    List of coaches for Season 2013/14, round 1: (Entry received)

    • Mostyn
    • Bloodbeard
    • Bolg
    • DAGabriel
    • bas_2312
    • Jaeckel
    • Zanko
    • Furrie
    • G.2


Yeah awesome! So there’ll be either some Khorne Berserkers or Ogres for this round - stay tuned!


Awsome, time to get the brush out and start finishing up painting


No specific theme for bonus points in this round?


- and before leaving you all to start painting you might have seen the lack of a prober banner here...! - now where did G2 go? Anyone else that would fancy giving it a go this year??

That G2 person is so un-reliable isn't he?! I would be happy to make the new banner for you Clam. Unless someone else really wants to have a go at it.

In case people were wondering.... I am still around. I am just not as active as I once was. Real Life has become a little "difficult" at the moment, with a few things happening at once. I am trying to keep active, and paint minis (actually I have just purchased a decent Dark Elf army, with a whole lot of 4th -5th edition metal minis).


I’m aware of “the difficult times” and wouldn’t put pressure on you … - but now that you volunteer to make me one, I can only say “yes, pleace” :slight_smile:


I'm aware of "the difficult times" and wouldn't put pressure on you .... - but now that you volunteer to make me one, I can only say "yes, pleace" :)

It is done. :)


It sure has … :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, G2 - banner is (again) fantastic.

Now, I’ll ask for another favour - paint something for us :smiley:


The banner is indeed fantastic, its already in my signature


Yes, ain’t it :slight_smile:

And should others like a banner-link in their sig. - just add thise peice of code:


Yay, its been a while since I painted a miniature. long live the Brush Slave!

(new banner added)


I’m in once more! ;)  Hopefully I will have more time to paint than in the last month. :~

Thanx for organising the next season clam! That’s not self-evident! :hat off

Btw G2 the banner is really awesome! :cheers


Blue in VT:

I’m ever hopeful that I’ll get some painting done as well!

Thanks Clam and G2



My painting will start today, even if I will devote a part of the time for the GH!


Great News and thanks for running this again clam. After some work enforced non-painting time this is just what I need to get started again. Just don’t expect 1000 figures in a month. Ever.


Great to see you back with us :slight_smile:


So guy (and girls) what’s the verdict …? Still ready for another season? :wink: If so, next Saturday is deadline for Round One.

I’m working on my entry - as I type - but might have been to ambitious … Well, we’ll see in a weeks time - :smiley:



Just sent an entry to the bsl gmail account. Let me know if you don’t receive anything or I’ve messed up the links (both quite likely…).

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has managed.


Just about to finish the bases of my entry.


I still need to take some photos