[Archive] BSL 2013/14 League Table (Season Round Up)


Results Round 1 (vote percentage/match result points):

New Kids from The Wood (6)/Bolg vs. Goblin Aid-support (3)/clam 27-73/4-6
Team Fire!!! (5)/DAGabriel vs. Dominion Fleet (3)/bas_2312 54-46/5-5
The Airship Crew (5)/Zanko vs. The Flying Goblin (6)/furrie 48-52/5-5
Infernal Slavers (6)/Bloodbeard vs. Who’s afraid of black beards? (3)/Jaeckel 25-75/4-6
Krautian Dwarfs (3)/G.2 vs. Blunderbusses are for midgets (6)/Mostyn 64-36/4-6
()=Team bonus points

Results Round 2 (vote percentage/match result points):

Treagle (3)/Bolg vs. A Grandfathers Darlings (6) 75-25/7-3
Early Magma Cannon (5)/DAGabriel vs. Revolting Peasants (6)/Mostyn 42-58/4-6
Rawr! (6)/bas_2312 vs. The Elves strikes back (3)/Zanko 90-10/8-2
the shipwrecks (6)/furrie vs. The Fantastic Four (4)/Jaeckel 33-67/3-7
()=Team bonus points

Results Round 3 (vote persentage/match result points):

Merry go round (3)/DAGabriel vs Son-of-a-Zoat/clam 21-79/3-7
Nasty Elves (6)/Mostyn vs Merry Squigmass (5)/Bolg 59-41/6-4
Sisters of Santa (6)/Bloodbeard vs pleasure rush (6)furrie 58-42 /6-4

()=Team bonus points
team in bold got a theme bonus of 3 points

Results Round 4 (vote percentage/match result points):

Lonely Eagle (2)/Bolg vs. [NSFW] (6)/furrie 53-47/5-5
The Cuddly Bunnies (6)/bas_2312 vs. Brothers in Art/clam (3) 56-44/6-4
()=Team bonus points

Results Round 5 (vote percentage/match result points):

Third Edition Again (6) vs. The Grot Proxies (6) 53-47/5-5
back from the dead (6) vs. The Ork-team (6) 24-76/3-7
()=Team bonus points

Results Round 6 (vote percentage/match result points):

Plus pseudo French (6) vs. Yoofs gone wild (4) 50-50/5-5
()=Team bonus points
Teams in bold got the 50% theme bonus

Results Round 7 (vote percentage/match result points):

The Boss’ new ride (6) vs. we dont like the new book (6) 67-33/7-3
()=Team bonus points

Results Round 8 (vote percentage/match result points):

The Crew (6) vs. The 4A Mad Hatter’s (4) 33-67/3-7
Imperial Bunbuns (4) vs. Classic Chaos Dwarfs (3) 40-60/3-7
()=Team bonus points
bold=Theme bonus

The League Table (8)


And please let me know if there is something you thing I got wrong. This is all new some might have made a mistake :wink:


Awsome I’m first :D, I didn’t expect that. Thanks to all the guys and girls whom voted for me.


I really like the “team entry bonus” amd “theme bonus” factors. They give people with lesser painting talent, but with a high work moral, a chance to win. It’s great.


The idea has always been that there should be room for both. Result bonus effect has been a little “downplayed” this round, though - as I noticed that it was actually the version 0.9 calculation matrix I’ve added to the rules. It will be changed, and we will see the “solid win - 7/3 pts” added - not offence but 75% of the votes is not really “a minor win”. Sorry for the mistake!


Our 2013/14 season has come to an end and we have found our winner.

This years winner have contributed on a very regular basis and have put lots of effort and love into his entries. Entries that have impress and entertained us all - so I’m very proud to pronounce our winner:


Congrats, mate - and a big Thank you, it’s been a joy having you on board this season :cheers

But I’ll also like to to say congrats to Bolg an Mostyn for coming second and third and for giving us such a good fight.

Also like to say thanks to all the contributors, voters, spectators and supporters. It’s been great fun - and hope to see some/all of you back next season.

Bas, there will be a trophy for you, But there has been a small delay getting the base from Fenris. It will soon be ready for you.

There are also small prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3th. you will all be getting a copy of “the Mad Painter” for you to paint. Will contact you for your addresses, and sent them out asap.

:cheers clam


Yay! Thanks everyone! And thanks for all the work you put in clam! :slight_smile:


I’m recovering to plan and have had the strength to finish this years BSL-trophy

Will have it send for Bas very soon with so will all the other prizes. Will contact your all for an address.

Once again Thank you :hat off


Congratulations bas_2312, excellent showing, as usual!!

Totally stellar trophy to boot! Looks fantastic and totally suits CDO and the contest :wink: Taking for continuing to keep the wheels of the contest turning clam!



Thanks, Nico. It’s been a pleasure, as always.

See you all next season :hat off


Well deserved, and kudos to clam for keeping this spirit alive!

I’ll see if I can enter sometime next season.