[Archive] BSL 2013/14 - New Kids from The Wood vs. Goblin Aid-support


New Kids from The Wood (Bolg)

Team bonus - captured at the 6 points maximum

Goblin Aid-support (clam)

Team bonus - 3 points



That’s a real hard decision - two awesome entries!

This time Bolg got my vote cause the sculpting and the paintjob are both superb!



Wow. Awesome entries. Looked a couple of times at this post before voting. In the end Clam got it - loving the small flowers on the base.


those goblins are awesome! Clam, you have my vote!


Great work from both of you. I really enjoyed looking at these photos and discovering all the details contained within.


Like 'em both but love the goblins


These two entries are frankly awesome. I feel I should apologise to one of you for not voting for you as I think these are the best two entries this round.

There’s so much detail and humour. The comedy washing line and casual use of the much sought after Harbul swung it for me. Sorry Clam.


No worries, Mostyn :smiley: it got my vote as well :wink:

Love your creations, Bolg - especially the ent here - is brilliantly done. Awesome, awesome work - and will certainly be looking forward seeing more pictures of them all.


Really nice ones indeed! Cool work by both of you, guys!


Thanx guys for those kinds words. there are a few WIP pics on my blog of other stuff