[Archive] BSL 2013/14 - Rawr! vs. The Elves strikes back


Rawr! (bas_2312)

Team bonus: 6 points (after a little debate, the rules committee have decide that these are true big 'un - and we have adjusted the rules accordingly. Their decision is final :)).

The Elves strikes back (Zanko)

Team bonus: 3 points


This one was harder to me than the result shows, love the dragons tones and would have liked some pupils/dots in the werewolves eyes. Would have liked a close up of the rider, Zanko.


I’m a big fan of werewolfs. The blood and gore is awesome - true monsters.

Rød som sne - red as snow.


I agree, these two seem a lot closer than the voting would suggest. The blood and gore on the werewolves contrast the skin really well whereas I think Zanko your photo makes the colours on the dragon look a little washed out. Not that I’m in a position to criticise anyone’s photography…

Nice work both of you.


I must admit that both the painting and the photo are not the best! :~

I had only spare time to paint and I’m happy that I finished the model in time!

Bas_2312 is a more than worthy winner! :hat off