[Archive] BSL 2013/14 - Round 5


We are already looking at round 5 :o - how time flies when you are having fun :slight_smile:

Should you like entering, all you need to know is here. And please make sure you are comfortable with them before joining.

So, what shall you do?

Well, that�?Ts quite simple really! All it takes is that you now start painting something miniature related.

When you’re done put some effort into making a presentation of your miniatures and PM me (clam) your pictures + a team name/title

- or attach them to an email and sent it at: brushslaveleague (at) gmail dot com . Keep your entry close - and please check the rules for any other restrictions (picture sizes, basing, paintings etc.).

All coaches that wants to join will have to present a newly painted entry before: March 8th 2014, 11:59 pm (GMT)

There is no official signing up procedure, but feel free to post here if you are in on this one (as it would really help me a lot in the match up preparations) - but it’s not "a rule"

I you think this is something for you but cant make the deadline you are very welcome to enter any up-comming round. You’ll have the disadvantage of a late start, but as this is all about getting ‘lead’ painted - and nothing else … who cares?

List of coaches for Season 2013/14, round 5: (Entry received)

  • Bolg
  • Bas_2312
  • Mostyn


Good of you to keep the Brush Slave Leage up and running! I’d have a golden opportunity to enter this time around, If I had got hold of a decent camera. It might be time for some spending…


Your are very welcome, should you sort out that “minor” issue regarding finding a camera :slight_smile:


In spite of minor issues with real life I am finished, only have to take the pics. If my wife let me have some minutes with her broken ankle.


Good to see you back on the workbench, DAGs

And for the rest you … 5 days left, ladies (should there be any females in here) and gentlemen :slight_smile:


Working on my team. will be done in time no worries (:


Pictures send.

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2 entries so far - and with some help from DAGs wife - a 3th is comming :slight_smile:

I’m struggling here. Have catched a flu, and feel like s*** - but one dwarf is done … and 1 maybe 2 good hours, and I will have another 2 done. Aspirins…, I need more aspirins …, wife! :wink:


Get well soon Clam. And any one dwarf you send in can beat any team I send in (:


Not so sure about that, I’ve seen your entry - and pretty sure it will a popular one :slight_smile:

And Mostyn have sent us an entry - so he is added to the list, too


Glad to hear my PM worked.

Keep taking the drugs Clam, you know you want to finish those figures. :wink:


Ah look, 4 entries already. starting to look like a propper competition.

And @Clam you might be right but in the end your painting skills will win out (:


I’m really looking forward to this round, can’t wait to see what everyone has put together :slight_smile:


Seems like we have ‘just’ 4 entries for this one. I have 3 finished dwarfs here, should an entry show up during the night.


The usual suspects (more or less :)) - but I could have used an opponent … furrie! :smiley:

Third Edition Again (DAGabriel) vs. The Grot Proxies (Bolg): http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=14135

Back from the dead (Mostyn) vs. The Ork-team (bas_2312): http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=14136

Polls runing for 7 days - now go vote for your favourites, plz :smiley:


Sadly I’m out for the next time! :frowning:

Real life catched me again!

In a good week I have 2 hours for modelling and painting … I’m not sure that it will change in the next month. :mad

I hoe you could pardon me! :~