[Archive] BSL 2013/14 - Round 6 Super Green


Spring-time here in Northern Europe and what better time for having our 2nd themed round of this 2013/14 season (Warning: 8th will be themed as well - so now you know ;))

So, I have one question for you all: “You green …?” … “Green?” … “Super-green…?”


Task is simple, paint “green skin”, and by green skin I literally mean green skin - and not just “green skins”. So, it’s not about Orcs and Goblins. No, anything with green skin counts - so it can be humanoid, insectoid, reptilian, beasty, birdy, fishy  …? As long as it a “living creature” and a significant part of the skin is green, it counts :slight_smile:

Should you succeed interpreting this theme there will be a 50% bonus reward for you - rounded up - with a maximum of 3 points. So 6 green skinned standard sized miniatures can give you a 9 points reward.

And like previously, you can always pass this opportunity and go you own ways, doing whatever you want to do.

All coaches (regulars or new) that wants to join will have to present a newly painted entry before: Saturday April 5th 2014, 11:59 pm (GMT)

And all the usual rules apply (PMed/emailed, 800x800 pix max, Title … blah, blah) - of course.

See you all there :smiley:

List of coaches for Season 2013/14, round 6: (Entry received)

  • bas_2312


Now just to think of something original.


I’m already on it :smiley:


Awesome, guys:D

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Fuggit Khan:

So, I have one question for you all: "You green ....?" ... "Green?" .... "Super-green...?"

I gotta hand it to you Clam, the Ruby Rhod bit is brilliant :hat off



- the privilege of running your own painting challenge, I can theme it however I like - and use bits of the things I like the most :smiley:


Nice theme and unlike the last one I think I have both the inspiration (and more importantly) the time to do something for this.


Time’s running, Gentlemen. so are we green? :smiley:

- if not, you got one week left to be it.


Did I tell you you all that I was off sick? Well, good for me if I did, but bad for the challenge, though.

Only a single match for this one:

Plus pseudo French vs. Yoofs gone wild

Big thanks to bas_2312 and Mostyn for showing the BSL-flag.

Me own 7 Orcs are still standing here without their bases done. For that I am sorry. I was so sure I would make it, but the depressing news about more surgery must have weakened my immune system, since I was knocked down by yet another round of flu - and been laying in bed since Wednesday !!! :frowning: