[Archive] BSL 2013/14 - Round 7


So last round before the “big” finale - so lets show our strength and get something painted - shall we? :smiley:

All coaches that wants to join will have to present a newly painted entry before: Saturday May 3th 2014, 11:59 pm (GMT)

List of coaches for Season 2013/14, round 7: (Entry received)

  • Bolg
  • bas_2312


One and a half day left, and not a single entry… should I be concerned?

Should anyone be working and need more time I’ll accept entries infill Monday morning CET. Have to go away for the weekend, and won’t be able to pay it any attention till Monday. So why not use the extra time for a bit of painting?


Sorry, I won’t have time to enter this round due to head sculpting. But I’ll try to make some future entries now that I’ve got a decent camera. Good luck with the league.


Team is send (:

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(I felt so sorry for missing last month. I even painted a back up team so I cant miss next month (but I plan something fresh))


I also have a team ready, but I’m using the extra time to add a little more :slight_smile:

(and thanks clam for keeping the Brush Slave alive!)


Sorry for the delay, but health once again kept ,e from doing anything, yesterday :frowning:

We had 3 entries for this one, so just a single match:


Runs for 7 days

Big “Thank You” to the dynamic duo, bolg and bas_2312 for keeping the BSL alive.

Ohh!, I had a message from DAGabriel, he is sorry for not being able to take part, but real life catch up with him, especially as his wife has recovered fully, yet - but asked me to send you all his regards and also to let you all now he’ll soon be back. Best wishes to you and your wife, DAGs. See you soon.