[Archive] BSL 2013/14 - Round 8 "No to Racism"


It’s all coming to an end. Round 8, last round of the 2013/14 season, is here. Let it be a blast, shall we?

It may be over last round but what an opportunity for another themed round, this is, so the theme for round 8 will be:

So, to show all that we are not intolerant Big Hatters here at CDO and to show that all races are equal, Round 8 will be about saying “No to Racism” and I challenge you to represent as many different races as you possible can on you team - without compromising on the “team feel”, of course.

So for each additional race represented on your team you get 1 bonus point, with a 3 bonus points maximum - so the total of 9 points could be achieved.

For the Fantasy and 40K people, I really don’t think there is no need to explain the “race” definition - but I could be wrong. If so … just ask :slight_smile:

Mounts (any beast), pack animals, transports or machines don’t count as “race” - but still qualifies for team points.

For historical entries it might be a bit more vague - but lets say it can be as much “nationality” or “ethnic groups”  as actual “race”. So Normans vs. Anglo-Saxons are here counted as two different races - so are WW1 Brits vs. Germans …

Civilians can be a grey area. Probably I can’t distinguish between a Persian and a Greek woman or two kids in tunics - should one of them be the outcome of a conquering foreign soldier - so make sure their difference in race are … “noticeable”.

And as always, just ask - here or by PM. And always tell me you (team) intentions, when you post your entry. Pretty sure we can come to an agreement.

All coaches, who wants to join - this our last round - will have to present a newly painted entry before: Saturday June 7th 2014, 11:59 pm (GMT)

List of coaches for Season 2013/14, round 8: (Entry received)

  • Bolg

  • bas_2312

  • clam (kept in reserve)

Blue in VT:

Though I have been absent for the rest of the League…I’m going to bust my hump to get a team together for the grand finale!

Come on lads! Lets finish in style!




I Have a team ready but I’m planing something more appropriate (:


Should anyone need a bit more time, I’ll be willing to accept entries until Monday evening (GMT). It’s long weekend here in Denmark due to a bank holiday on Monday, and will be taking wife and kids on a small holiday.

Till then … Happy painting :slight_smile:


Thanks clam! I have a cool team put together but some extra time might come in handy :slight_smile:


Sounds great, Bas

I’m nearly done and will finish before we leave Saturday (I hope) :slight_smile:


I’m back home after a wonderful long weekend. Weather god’s are really on Team Denmark this spring/early summer.

We have had 2 entries so far (yes, it’s the Dutch duo, again - thank you guys). My own contribution was change last minute, as the planned “no to racism” dwarf fell into the wet palette …! :frowning: - so now he is back in a crystal soap bath. But luckily I had another one sitting here waiting :slight_smile: - so feel free submitting. Will keep it open till tomorrow morning.


Sorry, its the back up team. this was no painting weather. I’ll make it up to you and Bas

Blue in VT:

I think I got mine in in time…small team and not a lot of diversity but they are in.




After a small delay polls are up.

2 matches:

The Crew vs. The 4A Mad Hatter’s

Imperial Bunbuns vs. Classic Chaos Dwarfs

Only bas_2312 managed to meet the challenge - and in an extremely good way as well. Very well done :hat off

And that’s nearly the end of the 2013/14 season - as we still have 7 days for voting - but will like to say thanks to all participants, voters and supporters and lurkers. It’s been great fun :slight_smile:

See ya’ next season :smiley:

And to show who superiority bas_2312 have been this season … :slight_smile: he also sent me this little bonus:

Beautiful work, bas_2312 - and thx for sharing.


Sorry for the small delay in declaring our winner - but it’s done now - and the 2013/14 is officially over.

See ya’ next season.


Great work clam and really great entries guys! :hat off

I’m very sorry that I missed the last rounds of the BSL but there were too much problems in real life! :frowning:

Like you can see in the forum I nearly painted nothing in the last time … :mad

Hopefully in autumn most troubles will be solved and I might return to my workbench! :~