[Archive] BSL 2013/14 Round 8 - The Crew vs. The 4A Mad Hatter's


The Crew (bas_2312)

Team bonus 6 pts + 3 pts. theme bonus

The 4A Mad Hatter’s (clam)

Team bonus: 4 pts


Beautiful wprk Clam as always. And those miniatures require a lot of skill, so much character to capture.

But my vote goes to Bas.

I want to read a graphic novel or book about that team.


So did mine, Bloodbeard. Darn fine time Bas painted for this final round - a worthy winner of the 13/14 season :hat off


Thanks guys! To me this team really captured the spirit of the entire Brush Slave. I bought those mini’s because I love the sculpts and character, but I really have no use for them so not really a reason to paint them. But the Brush Slave gave me a reason and I really like how they turned out. They’re all archetypes heavily inspired by the Firefly crew (at least in composition… I wouldn’t neccesarily compare Zoë to a Squat ;p) and they might turn up in our groups upcoming Gorkamorka campaign as objectives or NPCs :slight_smile: