[Archive] BSL 2013/14 - The Cuddly Bunnies vs. Brothers in Art


The Cuddly Bunnies (bas_2312)

Team bonus - 6 points max

Brothers in Art (clam)


Great stuff guys.

Only a few entries this month, but they are still very good ones. Going to be tough to decide on this one.


I really don’t like the fluffy bunny look, it doesn’t fit in my vision of warhammer.

So thought about voting for Clam.

Ended up voting for the fluffy bunny knights anyway. That banner is absolutely fantastic.


I agree with bloodbeard, when I first saw the bunnies I wasn’t convinced about the aesthetic but the banner is flippin’ amazing. And ckam’s entry is great, humour, variety, lovely warm colours and the usual excellent painting. Really well done both if you.


Just love the banner