[Archive] BSL 2013/14 - the shipwrecks vs. The Fantastic Four


the shipwrecks (furrie)

Team bonus: 6 points (max)

The Fantastic Four (Jaeckel)

Team bonus: 4 points


The GH really stole the show here, great work by both of you!

Furries pic is a little on the low side so my vote goes to the Fantastic Four.


Would like better pics of the goblins. But there is so much life in that regiment and so many small stories there. Got my vote.

Jaeckel: Your painting style is amazing.


A real juxtaposition here, four awesomely well painted dwarfs against a whole unit of craziness. I’m in awe of both if you: I wish I could paint as well as the dwarfs and really wish I could get anywhere near completing a whole unit in a month.