[Archive] BSL 2013/14 - Third Edition Again vs. The Grot Proxies


Third Edition Again (DAGabriel)

Team bonus: 6 points

The Grot Proxies (Bolg)

Team bonus: 6 points


Great work both of you:

DAG, I particularly like the left hand most dwarf and the complimentary design on the shield.

Bolg: this is a shameless attempt to use my love of small furry creatures with weapons to win my vote. I do like the little fella with the patched up ear. And the land boat is wonderful.


Thanx. i’ll be using them soon in a Gorkamorka campaign.


love those proxies, cool work!

@clam: For me that second of mine pics doesn`t work.


Somehow, the img-tag was missing, but should work again :-/


Sorry Bolg, I ran over a rabbit last night and I cannot stand too look at them today