[Archive] BSL Round 1 - Marauder Green Skins vs. SpaceHulk`s bane


Marauder Green Skins

SpaceHulk`s bane

Blue in VT:

:o wow those gene stealers are amazing!! Love the jumping on best.




Great big insects but they cannot stand against marauder greenskins :smiley: love them!


I vote both :slight_smile:

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Marauder Green Skins

I recognise this painters style, instantly. The green skins are painted with excellent technique. These miniatures are full of character and look like they would have been fun to paint. The bases look very realistic, which I like a lot. My only criticism is the skin colour is VERY green, but that is only a personal choice and nothing to do with the painted miniatures.

SpaceHulk`s bane

Very Dynamic Poses. Great bases, which are as detailed as the miniature. Overall these are excellent. My only criticism is that the colour looks a little “washed out”. I am not sure how you would improve it, but the colours are little too dull.


Great dynamics on the genestealers!