[Archive] BSL Round 1 - The hobgoblins from the northern marshes vs. The Defilers


The hobgoblins from the northern marshes

The Defilers

Blue in VT:

This one is a really tough call… Both are very well painted…both have lots of character. I wish I could see more of the faces on the Defiliers…and I wish the hobos had their shields. Both quality though.



I do agree. They both look great but because of he lack of shields and better overall basing and colour scheme I choose defilers. Anybody knows miniatures?


The Defilers? Guy in the middle is definitely Ral Partha, not quite sure about the other two - but solid based, same scale, similiar style … - could very well be RP, too.

Edit: And they are - War Monks - http://www.ralparthaeurope.co.uk/02245-war-monks-4-p-1565.html


Thank you Clam. Yes, defiler miniatures are really nice and have a different flavour than GW.


Hobbos edge this one for me!


Really like those Ral Partha miniatures, never seen those before. Really love the shields they carry, lots of character. Thanks for the link Clam.


Yep! I like the Defilers too! :hat off

Very nice and (nowadays) rather unusual sculpt!

… and I like colour scheme and the paintjob! :cheers



Both are good painted but the Hobs was looks better for me 'cause they colors more contrasted and they have a better photo i think.


Love those Hobgobs (the yellow cap seems to indicate they are from the same tribe as mine).

Don`t know if i can use mine as a team now, since they are a bit look alike???


The hobgoblins from the northern marshes

The models are very old school. The bases look a little bit unfinished and they would have looked better with shields. The three colours of yellow, green and red work well together. The skin seems to get a little lost amongst the yellow and green. Overall, they are good, but not fantastic.

The Defilers

I have never seen these minis before, and a little on the thin side of life (I like my models to be more chunky), but that is a personal preference only. The colour combination of blue and black would seem to appear hard to achieve, but this painter has successfully made these two colours work together. Even though the shields are very detailed, they make the unit look disjointed as they are all painted differently. The bases are pretty. Overall great work, and I understand why these guys are getting most of the votes.