[Archive] BSL Round 2 - Marauder Green Skins vs. Ulric's Cult


Marauder Green Skins (Blue in VT)

Ulric’s Cult (theforgefather)


Two very nice entries! Love the greenskins the most though!


Even if i like the Cult very much, the green skins show the better painting!


Those greenskins are some of my favorite models and the paintjob does them a great service.


my photo dosn’t do the models justice


Know what you mean, i will have to work on my pics, too.

Uncle Fool:

Goblins on this one for me, they’re real cheeky. the cult look great theforgefather if you get time can you re shoot them so we can see a piccy you like. I agree the photo dosn’t do them justice:hat off:hat off:):):cheers


Ulric’s Cult: There’s a lot I like in particular the freehand and the blues on the right hand 2HW fella. You’re right forgefather, I don’t think the pictures do the models justice. Although I think you’re greatest problem is that blue’s greenskins are fantastic (plus I’m almost physically incapable of not voting for greenies). I just hope he updates his team soon otherwise I’m going to run out of complements in vary short order.

Well done both of you.


Very tough for me on this one, but think I got to go with the green skins cause I am just a huge fan of the classic ultra clean old school GW look. Nice job both of you guys though.