[Archive] BSL Round 2 - The Avalanche Riders vs. Sneaky little hobbitses


The Avalanche Riders (Furrie)

Sneaky little hobbitses (Bas_2312)


Imo both entries are great but as an old Hobbit lover - these little guys got my vote!

Love the feeling of the Hobbit homes and the Shire! :slight_smile:



Two very different but very good entries! Not sure if I should be judging the Hobbits as part of a diorama but I guess not so I guess my vote has to go to the ogres!

Uncle Fool:

Went for the Hobbitses here:):slight_smile:

Like the snow on the ogres, don’t get much snow here in the tropics. Both are superbly painted but:hat off:cheers:cheers


Furrie: avalanche riders are very well painted and I like the light furred mournfang to (presumably) tie in with the snow. If I had one criticism (and it’s a reach) it would be that the beasts do need a tiny bit more contrast (you will still have very dark shade in the recesses of ears/eyes/under legs etc even on light furred creatures. They are great.

Bas 2312: Wicked Diorama - it has such a positive impact on any photo and in this case the end result is fantastic (even if not technically ‘in story’). The hobbits are pretty good too!


Oh my precious, precious little hobbits… I love you so… Great work on the ultra creative scenic base really sets the mood. Well done!