[Archive] BSL Round 2 - Wardens of the Pass vs. Big Hats of Doom II


Wardens of the Pass (Dervish Helldance)

Big Hats of Doom II (Burske)


Tough one,

But as a big hat lover, my vote has to go to the bull centaurs




Even though i love the bull centaurs and they are lovely i like the dwarves a small shade better.


Very very tough this one! I’m going against my heart and plumping for the dwarfs!


Thos Bull Centaurs are amazing! How are they converted?! I love the contrast of the dark armour with molten lava bases


Nice rich colours on the wardens and neatly done. I do have an unhealthy love for dwarfs. The bull centaurs are also very good: just the right amount of contrast for chaos dwarfs to fit the theme without looking like they’re out of a disney cartoon (like most of my stuff does). I’m quiet partial to the over the top bases too.


not to be pedantic, but the big hats of doom (II) don’t exactly erm have erm big hats.

great work from both entries!

Uncle Fool:

Went dwarves here, the main reason being the bases. This round is so tough I’m having to nit pick, because the quality of painting is soooooo good:cheers:hat off


MLP-I’m glad you like the conversions!

The “bull” bodies are just the chaos warrior horse bodies. I went with the chain/ball tails, and the rest of them really did match the bull anyway, and I liked the chaos feel to them.

The torso’s are from Mantic; the Abyssal dwarf tops. They just happen to have an “L” shaped back to waist slot, so it was easy to just make a converted piece to attach them to the horse neck. They were pretty easy to put together!


Wow for me this was definitely the hardest match up this month, just amazing worth from both of these guys…

To close to call for me, seriously time to roll a D6 cause I won’t be able to make up my mind before this poll closes.