[Archive] BSL Round 3 - Ka-BoOoOomm! vs Lurtz and his homies


Ka-BoOoOomm!! (Unzul)

Lurtz and his homies (warh)


Two entries who couldnt be more different. First of all, I like them both.<br><br>@ Unzul: Know what you had to go through with this, am working on my Hellcannon and hope that it turns out as well. Wait for the GH. If you dont mind I would take the pics in front of a uniform background, in this case perhaps a black one. Would make the glow effect of the barrel that more Ka-BoOoOomm.

@ warh: I especially like the basing. Wouldn`t have thought of using yellow for the stones but it is interesting, like they are standing on sulfur.


Two very nice entries but Lurtz just pips this one! Well done both of you!


Very nice guys, loving the unique bases for those orcs… feeling the sandstone vibe very nice.