[Archive] BSL Round 3 - Marauding Mischief vs. With Boobs


Marauding Mischief (Borador)

“With Boobs” (Bolg)

And Bolg gave me this “to justify” his theme:

"With Boobs"

might you say, Hey, thus team doesnt follow the rules. let me explain

the addition of the boobs, we are playing a Campaign and wrote some

additional “magic” iems for it. one I have for my gobbo warlord is a

“dark elf sex slave” it must be represented by a model in the unit so

here we go.  Might you not go for this then I tend to double all this

models as woodelfse (treekin and sorceress) in the near future againg


And I accepted it :smiley:


Your best stuff yet Bolg!


Thanx Vulcanologist. And thanx Clam for including my explanation (:


What the hell Bolg x.x

Still well painted though.


I like nice and good looking boobs! :smiley:

You got my vote! :cheers



I was expecting more boobs… :wink:

Bolg, those are absolutely gobsmackingly good figures (both modelling and painting). I think you win my unofficial ‘best of round’ award this time. Commisserations to Borador but I think we’d all have been on the recieving end of a heavy defeat in your position.


Thanx for all the kind words guys…

And @Mostyn I thought of sculpting a female treetroll… but when I thought of that I already had 12 finished models so i have no real need for more.


Bolg’s entry is misleading with that title! :slight_smile:


Sex sells d:

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Uncle Fool:

:wink: Boobs got my vote, very well painted and great to look at. You say there were tree kin there? I’ll pop back and have another look:):):cheers


Well done Bolg. I still haven’t found the time to start painting new stuff so yet again the same old team has to do the trick. Sorry about that guys. For round 4 I might not be able to paint something new either, as finals are starting the 14th…