[Archive] BSL Round 3 - Pikemen vs. Flintoque Elves


Pikemen (Clam)

Flintloque Elves (G.2)


Blimey!! Two cracking entries here! The best I’ve viewed so far! Can I not vote for the draw!?!


haha, Swede dwarfs :stuck_out_tongue:


Another really close one, I go with the Swedish dwarfs, I like those models and the basing is a little bit more interesting.

Those Flintoque Elves are really well done and all that white must have been a pain to paint.


Stunties for the win! :cheers

Awesome paintjob clam - love the guys a lot! :hat off



Well done to Clam and G2 - two vry high quality entries.

I’m torn as whilst I think the dwarfs have a cleaner paint job the Flintloque stuff is definitely harder to paint and there are more of them.

Hmm, think I’ll wimp out and come back later.


@ Clam. Those dwarfs are really nice. Your painting skills have really done them justice. But more importantly, the small hill is absolutely beautiful, and with such nice photography, I can easily see this photo in any GW book or magazine.

I was very happy to even get 1 vote against those dwarfs.

Thanks everyone who voted for my elves.


Thanks for your nice words, G.2 - and I really dig your Elves, too. Really like the Flintoque mix of fantasy with history and - as always - your paint did them justice. Great work :hat off

Glad you liked the hill :slight_smile: Rushed it a bit to finish it, so I could use it for BSL. Kids interest for war gaming is growing (40K, though :() - so I’m starting doing them a tile based gaming board and some scenery pieces - this hill was the first piece. I’m following the LPL at lead-adventure.de - and like their use of supporting scenery - as long as it don’t steal to much focus - but will also admit that it can also remove a bit of focus from the miniatures themselves (like if the miniatures is a bit rushed) too :wink: And thanks for your comments on my picture, though I still have a lot to learn, IMO.


Taking photos of miniatures, is certainly an art form all of its own. And when you get it right, it is very rewarding. I can tell you Clam, you have got it right.