[Archive] BSL Round 4 - The Belios IV Rangers vs. Marauding Mischief


The Belios IV Rangers (G.2)

Marauding Mischief (Borador)


G.2…fabulous entry!

Borador your photos are just too dark I’m afraid.

Uncle Fool:

:hat off This gets harder every month, choosing a vote is nigh on impossible:o However we can do impossible “Marauding Mischief”, gets 10 points. 12 points go to “The Belios IV Rangers”.

PS there was no Euro Vision political voting here.;P:D


Borador I want to see new entries - cause this is an old entry you didn’t got my vote! :frowning:

Nonetheless G2 your entry is also nice … I just don’t like 40K! :~



Zanko +1, but then I don`t dislike 40k and the Rangers are well done. Those marauders seem to be great, but it is so hard to see!


I’m really sorry guys, have still not found the time to paint anything at all, let alone take new pictures for my army blog. Good thing is I passed my A levels, so I should be having some more time to paint. Got rather ill though, probable peptic ulcer, so the painting of models will have to wait for just a little while longer haha.
Great entry G.2!