[Archive] BSL Round 5 - Follow this head vs. Wardens of the Pass II


Follow this head (DAGabriel)

Wardens of the Pass II (Dervish Helldance)


To everyone wondering why the second pic only shows three minis, I wanted to offer a closer look of the details.


Very interesting paint scheme - you got my vote DAGabriel! :hat off



Great work, both of you!!

but cds got my vote for being great and cds :slight_smile:


I vote for the CDs although I don’t like the color scheme… but technically, they are great!!

Uncle Fool:

I went CD’s here both entries are awesome. I am starting to hate the beginning of the month now, mainly because I tear my hair out trying to choose between works of art the great thing is the excitment of seeing and getting to choose:yar:P.


THX to everyone voting!

@ Psychotherapist: It is rather colorful, isn`t it? But good to practice layering.


Now these are both very nice!