[Archive] BSL Round 6 - Autobreak Zombies vs. The Quar


Autobreak Zombies (Burske)

The Quar (G.2)


Outbreak zombies are amazing how did you do the eyes? They look so glowy

Great taurus 2000:

Same, I love the eyes!


holy cow, this one is close! I really wasn’t sure which one to vote for!


oeh I need to sleep on this one!


Gosh, this is a tough pick. Not only a whole unit of zombies but with great glowing eyes! Those Quar are really cleanly painted though. I hope its easier to split the rest of these.


Hi all. I’m the painter of “The Quar” and I’m quite impressed with those zombies. I’m personally not a huge fan of zombies, but I can certainly appreciate the skill and talent that has gone into these zombie miniatures. I wish my Quar ‘good luck’ with this one.


Those glowing eyes are great but i am in love with those Quar, well done both of you!


Golly gosh… this is the toughest one to judge from every round! Congratulations to both of you…2 fabulous entries!