[Archive] BSL Round 7: Death from the Sea vs. Where's the pudding?


Death from the Sea (Zanko)

Where’s the pudding? (Insidious)

Blue in VT:

Both nice entries…the sheer number of figures in the Sea elf unit is impressive.

@Insidious…nice figures mate…one critique…it appears that your image is over sharpened to my eye…gives it that granular look.




Would have known that painting and basing from afar, Zanko!

Got my vote even if I think those spear/halberds either are off on the pic or could profit from a rework.


I know that the painting and basing is not the best! :~

I painted the models for my son and he forced me to be fast and he wanted the bases like the others (he got a bunch of my old minis)! x.x

So you can see the quite poor result … but I had no time to paint other ones!