[Archive] BSL Round 7: The Milliput Fireborn vs. Going up in flames


The Milliput Fireborn (Bolg)

Going up in flames (DAGabriel)


Fireborn against fireborn.

DAGabriel: A critique that I have is the colour scheme, the armour should have a very warm bounce light as its surrounded by flames but here its cold because green is a cold colour. I can see that you painted warm bounce light on the rocks and metals wich looks very nice but the greens need more work.


Ha, great math up (:


@ warh: see what you mean. On the other hand, contrast was the only way I could draw attention from that piles of flames to the armor. Normally I am a fan of OSL but in this case it would have made a very tone in tone impression with focus in the middle of the flames and not in the faces of the K´daii.

And since the armor is intended to hold the energies of a daemonic entity I thought it logical that it would ignore the effects of the flames.

@ Bolg: Yes, great one. Clash of styles!


I like the green armor, looks a bit like glass armor from morrowind to me…


@ Larendard: Cool, intended was a green/black obsidian effect.


Too hard to choose, hmmmm i think Bolg just gets my vote :0


That’s not fair! Both of them are so cool!!! Or maybe “hot” is a better definition :wink:


Seems to go in the direction of a draw in the coolest BSL duel so far (as far as I am converned).

The math up of two so different interpretations of the fireborn was real lucky!

Compliments to Bolg for really cool and imaginative models.


@DAGabriel jup, love the dual. and a draw will be a fail result I think (I hope you agree).

Love then black BG on your models, make them stand out very well.

Have you got 3(or5) more as these guys really need to be with 6+ to be a valid unit on the table.

(or are you just collecting?)


@ Bolg: Yep, draw is the fairest we could get.
As for the unit strength, 1st pic is the second row of the unit, the bigger second pic is first row with the chap in the middle with the chaos star halo being the manburner. So 6 strong is the way I wanted to go.


Shame on me, I never saw there were 6! but yes or course there are.


BTW, betwixt all that painiting I didn`t realize, it is my first real and good finished unit for my CDs, would call for Champagne if I liked that stuff and nobody would confuse me with an elf. As it is it will be a beer (how many vol% does a CD-beer have?)!