[Archive] BSL Round 8 - A Stab of Gratitude vs. Never Not Try!


A Stab of Gratitude (Lord Aldades)

Never Not Try! (Terranraida)


I had to reset this one, As Lord A’s picture wasn’t posted and mixed with another entry - I’m so sorry :frowning:

Lord Aldades:

No jiffy

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Im reallly liking those sneaky gits. The middle one is a nice conversion. Was he originally holding an axe?


In this case for me the newer entry wins. Even if those Space Marines are painted very well my heart goes with the sneaky gits.

Lord Aldades:

Yup he was, here he is in his unpainted glory and few parts used

An Old Belgian Otaku: Hobgoblin Backstabber conversion

Basically a weapon swap with a plastic dagger (I believe it’s from an old plastic marauder or 40k warrior) and a shortened chaos warrior cloak.

Simple but good enough to become the unit champion for me