[Archive] BSL Round 8 - Evil comes in Small packages! vs. Death from the Sea


Evil comes in Small packages! (Blue in VT)

Death from the Sea (Zanko)


Usually don’t comment on your entries - but have to make an exception here. Blue … ! You have had me waiting so long for this, but I must admit that this Johann was certainly worth waiting for. Spectacular job on him, and can’t hardly wait to share him with people on EwalDvergar. Thanks mate, you did the miniature great justice :hat off


Nice unit of elves Zanko.

And I really like the colour of the Middle Chaos Dwarf. It is a spectacular blue. Very reminisant of the “old days”.


You managed to stop me breathe again, Blue. Really great painting.

@ Zanko: Get well, soon.


Good job on teh elevs Zanko and massive kudos for completing 10 in a month, I think I mange that in a quarter.

Blue: fantastic stuff - the middle chaos is very well done but I love the yellowy brown on the right-hand most dwarf - excellent colour choice.


Great stuff Blue, but we are going to need more shots of Johann, need to see that shield :hat off

Why a round base?

Blue in VT:

Thanks all…

Excellent entry Zanko…and like mentioned above I can only envy your production level…getting these three done was a challenge for me!

Johann was certainly a labor of love for me…I was paralyzed with how to paint this figure for a long time…then in a rush I painted him in one very long night…and tried to stay focused on colors that I’m familiar with. More pictures will be posted in a week or so.

@threadbare…the round base is more for display purposes…I’m not sure Johann will see the table top or not…he may go straight on display. If he does make it to the table it will probably be in a skirmish or cavern crawl game as a big baddie…so the Round base works for those games. Plus I’m not sure how well he would fit on a 20x20!




Blue you made it! Kudos! :hat off

Your paintjob is amazing - I wish I had only one-10th of your talent! :~

Surely you got my vote!