[Archive] BSL2 Round 1 - Good old times! vs. Green Skins Power


Good old times! (DAGabriel)

Green Skins Power (Zanko)


@ Zanko: love those models, am not really convinced by the choice of the shield with the crowned skull. Have you tried a photo box?


@ DAGabriel:

The idea was that the Hobos used conquered shields as a gun carriage - not perfect but personally I like it! :wink:

In the moment I build a base for a 2nd team, the rider and an “overseer”.

I hope as a multi-model ensemble it will look much better!

Btw your entry is amazing! Kudos dude! :hat off



I Like’em both, but the master of madness is so beautifully painted that i’m obliged to vote for that entry.


Love the Beastmaster. Not too many painted examples of that one.


Thx guys, wanted to try myself on some third ed. shield design but didn`t manage the third one in time. So Foaming Mad Furrikson had to come from the reserve.


Really like what you did to the beastmasters shield DAGabriel!

Two great entries!