[Archive] BSL2 Round 5 - Kludge and Company vs. Captain fungus beard and his crew


Kludge and Company (DAGabriel)

Captain fungus beard and his crew (furrie)


Haha I love the Goblin logic! Ofcourse blowing the sail makes it go fasta!

Only comment I have is you should try to brighten up your pictures with Photoshop or something similar. That would really help your entry! :slight_smile:


DAGabriel made a great paintjob (also as usual!) but Furrie made me laugh with this cool entry and so he got my vote!



Me I am going with the better painting (this is kind of a painting contest!?), so DAGabriel got my vote. Even if I am not really sure because the pictures of the goblins are so dark that it is hard to tell. But the idea of the goblin boat is really funny.


Daughterly feelings or not, no quarrels because of some minis!

Really like the - is it allowed to call it so - “blowjob” of those two hobbos. Had to think some moments why the one at the back is floating in the air and had to laugh a second time when I figured it out.

@ furrie: if you are interested I would send you my recipe for adapting pics in GIMP? If you prefer another program I think there are others willing to do so.

Excepting the waves I think I really like painting and it is not sooo much work correcting brightness, colors and contrast, even if the nearly white background would present me some difficulties.


That looks like an excellent snotling pump wagon to me :stuck_out_tongue:


@Furry: Love the gobbos in the boat! where do you use it for? I dont think a pump wagon as it needs a watery surface…

have you got photoshop? you only need to adjust the levels a bit to get a way better foto/

@DAGabriel nice painting as alwya, your collection is becoming quite a stunning one.


Great work, both of you!


The captain really has some fungi in his beard - thats awesome!


I will be using him as a goblin warbos in a chariot, it just has a magical pool around is :stuck_out_tongue:


2 great entries but the dwarfs get my vote!

Kera foehunter:

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Blue in VT:

hahaha…love them both…the gobos are too funny!