[Archive] BSL2 Round 5 - The older the better vs. The Boss has been "promoted"


The older the better (Zanko)

The Boss has been “promoted” (Larandard)


Two nice entries, hard to decide here!

@ Zanko: that is the real title, love those greybeards.

@ Larendard: that Cthulhuoid is a nice addition to the plague marines.


The small Cthulhu model is ace and also cool paintjob! :hat off

The bases could be made with more “love” - they look much too plain!

I think my pics are much too dark and blurry - next time need to make some better ones!



I thought that cthulhoid demon would be a nice chaos spawn to accompany my army. The bases are very simple, i’ll add some nurglings or small bugs/bones etc. one day, but i Keep it simple, especially on my rank and file, because in 40K you have to build up new Units everytime and i Need to save some time when painting them. Otherwise i wouldn’t ever finish my stuff :smiley:


Zanko wins this one!