[Archive] BSL2 Round 5 - Treefolk vs. Swordmasters of Nagarythe


Treefolk (Bolg)

Swordmasters of Nagarythe (Frostbit3)


@Bolg: where do you get your ideas? Great sculpts and nice painting.

@frostbit: Sorry that you can`t continue,your painting is really nice.


Like both entries and both pics are crappy! So it’s a deadlock!

Cause I have to decide Bolg’s entry got my vote - the reason was the variety of models and the selfmade treemen!




I dont have a idea in general when I start, I just wing it. every layer of green/gray stuff just adds more detail until I think they are finished. Sometimes I have a plan, but most are just experiments.

@Zanko: crappy foto? what would you like me to do better next time?


Those are by far the funniest treemen i’ve ever seen!