[Archive] BSL2 Round 6 - More older and better ones vs.� � Eeny, meeny, miny


More older and better ones (Zanko)

Eeny, meeny, miny … (clam)


@ Zanko: nothing to be worried about, some guys the likes of me and you can`t compete with.

@ clam: love everything about them except the right shield, looks a bit like a cake for HB.


clam you are a more than worthy winner! :hat off

Damn cool models and brilliant paintjob! :cheers

Surely you got my vote! :wink:



Thanks, Zanko - but you didn’t do bad either. Really like your “new” basing style and the verdigris effect makes a good contrast. My only wish would be some better lightning, so I really could see them :slight_smile:

so you didn’t like my pizza sliced shield, DAGs :slight_smile: - ran out of time so needed a simple design so … :smiley: