[Archive] BSL2 Round 6 - The 80s Waagh! vs. The Cowardly Despoiler of Uzemchin


The 80s Waagh! (DAGabriel)

The Cowardly Despoiler of Uzemchin (Singleton Mosby)


The painting job is good in both cases, but in the end, 80s miniatures always win :cheers

Blue in VT:

ooohhhh…love those Marauder Black Orcs! they are on my list!




I really like how you managed to express the facial features so well, DAGabriel!


@ Jaeckel: Thanks!

@ Blue: Thought they were a great buy, they are oldfashioned but do have charme.

@ Borador: Wasn`t that bad, the sculpt of the faces was ok and the faces are 3 times as big as those of the dwarfs.

@ Singleton Mosby: Really like the dynamics of those new wolfs, just bought a pack.

Singleton Mosby:

Those Black Orcs are awesome. :hat off


Thanks S.M., it was a hard (and for me lucky) race. Wouldn`t have complained about a draw.