[Archive] BSL2 Round 8 - Sisters of the Woods vs. Soul Run


Sisters of the Woods (bas_2312)

Soul Run (Bolg)


@ bolg: Too bad that we didnt get paired up, would have been an reenactment of that fireborn duel. Great work on these handmade ones even if I like the middle one best. <br>@ bas: Problem with boobs here is, elven ones arent really impressive.


@DAG, yeah that would be a exiting rematch. And I agree the GW one is better,but the otter ones really tie my army together. I consider them tests myself, might try again in the future (:

Oh and I dont agree on the elven remark its what you fancy and I have small hands. (oh and they will last you a lifetime).


So right, small hands will (have to) last a lifetime…


yes, yes… I was talking about small hands. thanx for pointing that out to all who thought otherwise.

Kera foehunter:

Bas2312 are those wood elves kneeling the older slaanesh figures


Bas2312 are those wood elves kneeling   the older slaanesh figures

Kera foehunter
They're based on those figures yes.