[Archive] Buffy Vs Edward (or for all you Twilight haters)


In the Sunny Corner, from Sunnydale, California, Star of 7 seasons on television and a comic book series, the Vampire Slayer, Buffy.

In the Overcast Corner, from Chicago via Forks, Washington, Star of 4 Books by Stephanie Meyers and the Movie Twilight, Bella’s favorite Sparkly Vampire, Edward.

Buffy vs Edward (Twilight Remix)

You must watch to the end.


lol :slight_smile:

I am a Twilight hater. Let the Right One In is what a vampire film should be imo.


In my continued efforts to pick the option not mentioned: I think Spike would be the best pick for an outsiders chance in that match-up.


Well Spike did kill two Vampire Slayers (according to the Buffy Storyline), one in China and one in NYC. So yes I would say that would be a good fight.

The main problem I had about the Vamps in Buffy were as soon as they were born they acted like they were martial arts champions. No matter how geeky they were when living they got the skills when they became undead.


Yay! Well done Buffy, you are my hero.


Why hate me?

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You know, my X dumped me because “She wanted someone more like Edward”


You know, my X dumped me because "She wanted someone more like Edward"
I'd say she's being unrealistic. And frankly.... why?


Jacob would keep her warmer during a cold winter night.