[Archive] Bull centaur (and other monstrous cav) effectiveness


Found this whilst wandering the internet. Compares montrous cavalry aginst each other and infantry units.


it’s a great chart.

skull/Bloodcrushers do very well. infact, the best.
Ours are so so as Hw/sh


And our stats are wrong : we don’t get S5 with spear…:frowning:


Very interesting in deed… I love seeing math-hammer players run numbers until their brains leek out of their ears!

Either way though it is what it is.

I’ve always said that BC were a bit on the pricey side for what they deliver, but oh well.


BC is totaly overpriced, but i love the new FW ones and have ordered some, and they will be used…often :hashut


BC is totaly overpriced,

Looking cool has a price too it seems...


Looking cool has a price too it seems...

This was always the case for Forge World stuff.

I thin it was always overcosted so people wouldn't cry cheese quite so much.




I don’t find the bull overcosted. It’s just that they aren’t a “striking” unit such as mournfang or skullcrushers…

They are good and well costed for what they do : toughness and hard to kill… But they don’t strike well…

But for 45 pts (with shield), they aren’t overcosted… Mournfang are 70 pts…

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Yeah, at 125 points they’re expendable and more like a unit of fast cav than Skullcrushers. Yes they’re cheap but they’re suitably crappy too =) The models definitely do NOT reflect the stats but the points cost is about spot on for what they do (or don’t do).


well i partially agree with zhatan. BCs do quite well for their points, i like them. But overall, i dont like the GW-trend to throw more and more monstrous cav into the game.

But in any case i would say the necro knights and the demon bloodcrushers are the losers.

Demigryphs, Mournfang and Skullcrushers are the winners. Well Mournfang need to get the charge imho and the crushers are easy to redirect.

I really dont like the demigryphs. I play a lot vs empire and i just think they are too costeffective, especially since you take t4 from the gryphon.


Demigryphs... too costeffective, especially since you take t4 from the gryphon.

Please explain? Are they too cheep and if so how do you figure? I don't have the Empire book in front of me so I can't recall their stats, but a friend of mine is going to be starting an Empire force, so I'd like to know what to look out for.

Singleton Mosby:

And do you guys prefere HW+S over GW for the bull centaurs?


Demigryph : 3A S5 I4 armour piercing, save 1+.

Too resilient for their points cost… And 3 S5 attacks aren’t something to be negliged…

58 pts

In fact, demigryph are undercosted… And so are the skullcrushers… That’s why they perform so well…:frowning: Even if skullcrushers are frenzied…