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ok… I was playing a game agent some guy at the games worksop store by my house. Some of the guys who work there got into an arguement about my bull centaur hero. Some said it was fine on the cavilry base, but the others said he needs to be on the monster base.

Eventualy me and my opponent decided to just use the cavilry base he’s on.

What base is he suposed to be on?


Cavalry. There is a base size chart somewhere on the GW website, although it is probably out of date for some armies since it was done in 6th ed.


Heh, you should have told them to check the Army Book they are working on and let us know! (joke)

Seriously though, I thought they were unit strength 2 which usually uses a cavalry base (50x25mm). Monster bases are greater than US 3 and I don’t see BCs being that. Maybe a Bull Centaur Lord might get one, but at that level I’ll defer to the experts around here.

After looking things up:

As a BC has 1 wound, is worth 20 pts I seriously doubt they are greater than a cavalry base. The RH list has the BCs as US 2.


Definitely a cavalry base, same as any other BC.

The only time I could imagine otherwise is if you are using a “counts as” army list, and he is meant to represent, say, a dragon ogre or something similar with a monster base.



Father Grumpmas:

There was never a specific model produced for a Bull Centaur character, apart from Bloodbowl (that one is on a cav base) but everyone I know uses a cav base for their BC characters. That is what a BC is typically on - you don’t mount elf heroes on monster bases just because they are multi-wound.

The funny thing is that being mounted on a 40x40 or 50x50 base would actually be an improvement. The unit strength of the character would be 3, we would completely side-step the whole issue of great weapons and whether BC’s are mounted or not (now a "monster), and we can’t be picked out in units when on different bases under 7 edition.

Maybe we should all start doing it :cheers

EDIT - my avatar is my Bull Centaur Lord proudly mounted on a 25x50mm base


wouldn’t they follow simalar rules to the centrigors of the beasts of chaos?

Father Grumpmas:

They basically do follow the same rules as Centigors but the official ruling for that disappeared when 7th WFB appeared. We now only have common sense and the US GT ruling from last year as a guide.