[Archive] Bull Centaur Bits and Rocket Crew...anyone interested

Blue in VT:

Hey guys,

I have these random bitz I’m looking to shift…please note that the centaur body is only one half…Hashut only knows were the other half is…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let me know if you are interested…I’m in the US but willing to ship…if your willing to pay!




I would love the banner top and centaur torso


Hi Blue, sorry but what is that little piece on the right?:slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

looks like a horn to a hunchback style chaos warrior musician.

Blue in VT:

I honestly have no idea what that is! it was found in random box of Big hat stuff…I was hoping one of you would know…

Silentbob…PM sent.



Da Crusha is right. I used to have a unit of those hunchbacked CW.

PM Sent.

Blue in VT:

OK…so most of this has been claimed…Still have one rocket crew member and the half of a centaur body.

Thanks for looking ya’ll.